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 From sand to module


sand 50x200 The main resource used for photovoltaic modulesis silicon, which is obtained from sand and is thesecond most abundant elementon earthavailable almost unlimited.


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From the silica, silicon isobtained in pure form. We focus on highest quality possible, because onlywith the purestsiliconhigh qualityproductscan be suppled to market.

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The high-puritysiliconis melted atabout 1400degrees celsius,formed into blocks andfrozen.Then thesiliconblocks are cutby wiresaw technologyand result inextremely thin silicon discs,calledwafers.

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cell 300x200 The wafers aresoldered automatically and processed into solar cells.They are the basic elements ofsolar modulesandhave all the necessaryfeaturesto produceelectricity from sunlight. cell 50x200
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In our manufacturingthe solar cells areassembled intomodules.They areframedandglazed and the producedelectricity is gathered by a junction box(collector).


Image caption: 1 Aluminium frame, 2 Seal, 3 Glass, 4 Encapsulating EVA, 5 Crystalline cell, 6 Tedlar sheet
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The so produced electricity is direct current (DC) but for residential use or grid connection it is converted alternating current (AC) using an inverter.

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