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Thanks to long lasting experience in the photovoltaic industry, SWISSWATT offers as one-stop-shop photovoltaic quality solutions for the efficient and reliable use of PV components using our extensive international network of partners. By working with SWISSWATT as a full-range supplier of photovoltaic components reduces the costs for procurement and supply management of our clients.SWISSWATT takes care of all these issues and provides access to the extensive knowledge and expertise in PV components.




We supply on demand inverters in all variations and of almost all renowned manufacturers to our customers and are always looking for innovative new products. Our service offers fast delivery and excellent prices.


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Grid-connected string inverters suitable for small to medium size PV systems with digital controls for international deployment.

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 zentral kaco 200x200 Central inverters for large PV systems with maximum performance, reliability and efficiency. A digital interface allows user-friendly operation, maintenance, and extensive monitoring and communication capabilities.
All products comply with national and international requirements of medium voltage directive and low voltage directive.
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 station pvi 200x200 All-in-one killowatt or megawatt stations for solar farms bigger than 500kW power.  micro 200x200 Micro-inverters make it possible to monitor the solar modules individually and offer a Maximum Power Point Traker (MPPT) for each module as an alternative to the traditional string inverters.


Storage systems

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Use your own generated power instead of grid connectio and reduce your procurement from the utility . This saves you cash and the consumer remains unaffected by rising electricity costs of the future.





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Stringbox & Fire-Switch, Datalogger

stringbox 100x100fireswitch 100x100 We offer our customers string boxes, fire switch and surge protection in various versions. datalog 100x100datalog2 100x100 Compact and cost-efficient monitoring and control units for local and/or remote monitoring of PV system compatible with all leading inverter manufacturer.



We work with selected partners for an excellent component selection.


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