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SWISSWATT provides mono and polycrystalline PV modules manufactured with Swiss production technology.

Best raw materials, the given expertise in assembly, testing and quality control guaranty an excellent whole-life value for money.


"We do not want to do everything differently, but some things much better.We offer our customers precision, quality, exclusivity and reliability, so they will be exited even 20 years after with their photovoltaic system."

Andreas Grasmann, CEO


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Everything we offer was planned or produced with the highest
precision. Not only the raw materials or products but also our
services and value creating processes are checked against our
commitment on a daily basis. This for the highest efficiency of your
energy generation and the return of your investment.

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Highest quality:

Our modules are tested regularly inhouse and by independent
testing laboratories. Here we test against our competitors to
document our position at the top. We produce under clean room
This is the best fundament to maximize your output.

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Efficiency, product design of cells and connectors with multiple
options to combine and customize will meet your individual
requirements will truly comfort you over the 25 years. Not only
the function and efficiency of your system is our core interest
but the combination of form and function.

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Our products and services are designed for the highest reliability.
This reliability is leveraged by automation, standardization and
advanced technical details. Details as the lamination of the capsulation,
wiring and the quality of our high transmission low iron glass.

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